Our Story

You have the perfect idea. Now let us help you share it.


We understand that coffee is complex, and the industry

is an ever changing landscape.


Whether you want to brew better coffee in the morning, 

serve better coffee to your customers, or engage with 

your audience more, we want to hear your ideas, and 

give you the platform to achieve them.


Concept isn’t just a name, it’s rooted in our DNA. 

After developing a love for coffee, our founder, 

Dan O’Regan curated coffee programs for  UK coffee

shops before going on to manage the education

department at a leading roastery. After training 

hundreds of professionals and enthusiasts, Dan moved 

into wholesale support, working with some of the most 

prestigious coffee operations in Europe.


From standing on a national stage presenting industry 

leading research, to waiting in the wings as the coach 

of a world champion, our experience will enable you 

to bring your goals to life.

Your concept deserves to be experienced. Our aim is 

to make that happen.